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Why should you service your boiler annually?

It keeps your boiler working efficiency.

  • Boilers of any age need to be serviced regularly to ensure they can run efficiently. Keeping up-to-date with an annual boiler service gives you the peace of mind that your boiler is performing to its optimal capacity. Inefficient boilers can cost you money over time.

Preventing Problems

  • By having an annual boiler service can help with catching potential problems with your boiler early, you reduce the risk of them developing into costly repair jobs in a few months to a year's time. A smooth and efficient boiler costs your household less to run.

Maintains safety.

  • A faulty boiler could be leaking carbon monoxide into your home and as the symptoms can often be mistaken for other illnesses, this may be something that goes undiscovered. By having an annual boiler service, you can ensure any leakages are caught early and you aren’t putting yourself or your family in unnecessary danger.

What will the engineer do?

  • During your boiler service appointment, the engineer will inspect your boiler and its controls, check the gas pressure is working correctly, test the flue, and check for leaks, damage, or corrosion. A boiler service should take around one hour to complete.
  • When servicing a gas boiler, the engineer will also make sure the boiler is giving off the right amount of gas and not releasing any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. You'll also be left with a checklist of everything that was tested, along with the results for your records.

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We will work with you to find the best air conditioning solution for your needs. Helping you through the whole process from designing, installing and maintaining air conditioning units for your property. We service, supply and install various different kinds of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning products.

  • We specialise in Air Conditioning and heat pumps in Cornwall
  • We pride ourselves on our installations using high spec components and correctly sized systems.
  • A/C is well known for its cooling ability but it is also a highly efficient heating option with up to 500% efficiency.
  • We install Air conditioning in the workplace, homes, caravans, holidays homes.

F-Gas Compliance.

F gases are fluorinated gases that include HCFCs, HFCs and CFCs used un refrigerated applications and equipment, including air conditioning. Certain F gases have been proven to deplete the ozone layer, whilst others directly contribute to greenhouse gases associated with global warming. EU legislation has been put into place to limit the use of these gases, controlling how much F gas is released into the Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to protect the environment. Legally, air conditioning installations and equipment that contain more than 3kg of an F gas refrigerant should be serviced once a year or quarterly if the system contains more than 30kg of F gas, checked for leaks and damage by a contractor certified to work with F gases.

  • As an F-Gas compliant company we can offer this service to you.

PAT Testing

It is vital that electrical equipment is regularly inspected and maintained as failure to comply could result in serious injury or prosecution. Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be found by testing. However, it is essential to understand that visual examination is an essential part of the process because some types of electrical safety defect can’t be detected by testing alone.

Click here to see examples of faulty electrical equipment found whilst our engineers have been PAT Testing.

Does PAT Testing apply to my business?

PAT Testing isn’t limited to large businesses it applies where:

  • Where Equipment is used by employees
  • Where the public may use the appliances in places such as schools, hotels, Village halls, shops etc
  • Where appliances are hired or supplied
  • Where appliances are repaired or serviced

How do I know if my items need PAT testing?

If you’ve never had any of your equipment PAT testing, then you will most likely require a test. All items tested usually display a Pass Sticker, showing when the item was tested along with the appliance number and test engineer.

What happens after I’ve had my items PAT tested?

Once your items have been tested, we will email or post to you a Pass/Fail Register for all your items that have undergone the relevant tests as well as an Asset Register and Certificate.

Domestic Heating and Plumbing Services

  • Installation of Gas and Oil fired boilers
  • Boiler servicing and system maintenance
  • Flue gas analysis, including emission monitoring and reporting
  • Oil tank installation
  • Supply pipework pressure testing.
  • Specialist Natural Gas & LPG testing and purging
  • Decommissioning
  • Gas safe testing & purging Certification
  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Emergency break down response.
  • Boiler servicing contracting
  • Specialist fault finding and diagnostic’s
  • Power flushing
  • Pressure testing of pipe work
  • System repair and maintenance.

Commercial Gas Services

  • Hot and colds water services installation and maintenance
  • Unvented hot water storage, installation and maintenance after storage
  • Cold water storage tank cleaning and disinfection
  • Underground pipework installation and repairs
  • Leak investigation and repair

Security Services

  • CCTV & Security installation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Fault finding and rectification

Being accredit with several different companies allows us to provide a wide range of options to our customers including up to 10 years manufactures warranty, subject to their terms and conditions.